About Us


         My mom and dad (Trish & Chuck) just bought the Maple Street Café.  I like it because they let me help bake cookies and muffins. 

         When I go to school  at 7:30 they go to the café to cook special food for you, they feed me really well and use the freshest ingredients.  When I get off the bus at 3:00 after school, we go home and have a family dinner together.

They love to cook and have been in the restaurant business for nearly 25 years.  They will always listen to what you want.  Sometimes they don’t listen to me when I say I want chicken and fries and make me eat broccoli, but I like that too.

I look forward to meeting all of you and making new friends, so come see me, oh yea, mom & dad too.

Until Later

Maxwell Vernon